How to upload to YouTube

  1. Create/LogIn to your free YouTube account.
  2. Click the UPLOAD button at the top.
  3. Click & select the file you want to upload.  While it is uploading:
  4. Enter a descriptive TITLE.
  5. Under DESCRIPTION, your first two sentences are most important for Google/You Tube searches.
  6. TAGS can also be important in searches.  THINK:  names, call-letters.
  7. Next go to PRIVACY SETTINGS.  Leave on PRIVATE while you're tweeking your upload.
  8. Always keep the same CATEGORY for your uploads.  Become an authority by focusing.
  9. VERY IMPORTANT:  If you will have multiple uploads...ADD THIS TO A PLAYLIST!!!

This last step means all your uploads can be viewed/auditioned together.

After you have double-checked your work...change your PRIVACY SETTINGS to PUBLIC & hit SAVE.

Preparing audio & video

YouTube has a free editor for marrying video, jpegs & other picture formats with audio.  Windows Movie Maker which is on most Windows computers can be used for the same purpose.

You can find tutorials for both by doing a simple Google search.

Most Air Talent have already transferred their airchecks and audio archives to CD, so it is a simple process to copy from CD to the Google editor or Movie Maker.  Both have special effects for transitions.

Don't forget to get creative.  Ratings, resumes, letters of recommendations, photographs...all can dress up your presentation.  Having them on YouTube can mean even wider distribution.  If you wish to share this material ONLY WITH THOSE ON THIS SITE, click PUBLIC and UNLISTED.  The link you paste into your profile at will suffice to route Programmers to your material.

Updated resumes & Audio.  Newly credentialed successes.  Assemble your Dream Team!!! 

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